Friday, May 29, 2009

Brew temperature


Dear Dr Brew,
Does the BUNN Home Brewer heat to a consistent 200 degrees all the way through the brew for proper extraction? Let me know, I would like to recommend it if it does, and get one for myself. Or, if you know how I can get properly extracted coffee at home, let me know.

Thanks so much

Olson Coffee Roasters Inc


Dear Bruce,

The ideal temperature range for brewing coffee with the drip method is 195 - 205 degrees Fahrenheit. BUNN home units are designed to maintain brew temperature within this range.

The most critical phase of the brew cycle is the beginning and middle portion for brew temperature. Check out a previous response to see the brew phases. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) recommends the temperature in the basket stays within the temperature range mentioned above during normal operation for at least 90% of the contact time between the water and the coffee grounds. The water contact temperature is measured in the center of the filter on the surface of the coffee.

I prefer to place a thermal couple in a spray head opening when measuring temperature of the brew water. This removes the variable of how the ground coffee was stored (some keep their coffee in the freezer or refrigerator).

Happy Brewing,
Dr. Brew

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  1. This is a question stemming from an experience I had with a BUNN as a first-time owner:

    I anticipate some heat loss while brewing as a consequence of the ambient temperature, the temperature of the parts of the machine the water comes into contact with early on in the brew cycle, and whether or not the grounds are room temperature vs. frozen or refrigerated. That being said, assuming the coffeemaker is working correctly, should I see a ~30°F disparity between the advertised/optimal extraction temps vs. how hot the coffee is in the carafe prior to serving it?

    What is the ballpark serving temperature I should expect to see if everything further up the brew chain is working correctly? Should a full carafe of coffee hit 190°F, 180°F, 170°F or even lower (160-165°F)? Lastly, after the coffee brews what is the temperature range that the warming plate should keep the coffee at on a residential-use BUNN?

    Thank you.